TBR Recommended Reading

Below are some books that have helped us in building our company. We have no relationships with the authors of the books below (other than our Co-Founder), so these are recommendations solely based our opinion of how these books may help other entrepreneurs.

"Top Ten Secrets of B2B Small Business Owners"

Robert Poole, Co-Founder, Total Business Results

Top 10 Secrets Book

Our thoughts: This is a 30 page ebook our Co-founder wrote for our clients detailing some of the best practices he has learned as an owner of a B2B small business for the last 22 years. It's a no nonsense look at specific ideas to help small business owners grow their companies and keep their sanity at the same time.

"Grow Your B2B Small Business: A Practical Guide"

Robert Poole, Co-Founder, Total Business Results

Grow Your B2B Small Business Book

Our thoughts: Set for release July 2022

"The Road Less Stupid"

Keith Cunningham

The Road Less Stupid book

Our thoughts: Outstanding general small business book. Covers many topics and each chapter stands by itself, so it can be read in order or just for topics you think are relevant.


Geoff Smart and Randy Street

WHO book

Our thoughts: This is THE definitive book on how to hire the right talent for your company. We have used the principles and techniques taught in this book in our own company with outstanding results. We highly recommend this book.